• PRESIDENT shower enclosers are a must for every bathroom tominimize the danger of slipping and falling.
  • These shower rooms are readily available in standard sizes.
  • We also can customize shower rooms as per the site requirement
  • It separates dry and wet areas and optimizes bath spaces.
  • It adds luxury to the bathroom.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Brass hardware.
  • Made with toughened safety glass and high quality hinges.
  • 5 years warrantee on hardware.


90% of the enclose material is glass, so glass must conform to the highest safety standard as it is being used in the bathroom. We use 6mm and 10mm toughen safety glass complying to both European and Indian standards (IS 2553, IS 14900:2000, IS 2835:1987 and En 14450:2000) in all our encloses.

Why Toughen Glass?

    • 4-5 times stronger than a normal glass
    • When broken breaks into smaller pieces to reduce the risk factor.
    • Can resist thermal stress as edge strength is higher.
    • Quality check:
      • Visual defects: to check bubbles, scratches, chipping at edges and other visible defects.
      • Ball drop test: to check strength at point of impact
      • Zebra test: no waviness
      • Fragmentation test: to check breakage pattern of glass
  • About The Hardware
    • Hinges, glass connectors and stabilizers
    • Made with 100% brass
    • Nickel and chrome plating (50 micron)
    • Automatic closing up to 30.
    • Tested for 5,00,000 cycles
    • Load carrying capacity: 30kg
  • Towel handles>
    • 19mm diameter
    • Material: stainless steel 304 grade
  • Aluminum profiles and rollers
    • The sliding channels are made of aluminum alloy which imparts structural strength to the system
    • Aesthetically excellent finish
    • High quality brass rollers for smooth sliding action
  • Plastic seals and gasket
    • Silicon seals with magnetic beading
    • Made from virgin plastic