For those seeking wellness in the comfort of their homes President Steam room is a great way to experience luxury with hydro therapy.

Our steam rooms gives multi functional effects of whirlpool steam and showers.


Clearer skin

  • Steam shower helps to remove all the congestion from under the surface of the skin. Steam helps opening the pores in the skin and toxins are thrown out of the body

Infection treatment

  • The greatest advantage of taking a regular steam is getting read of respiratory

Increased circulation

  • Regular steam shower helps in better blood circulation through the body. Brings proper oxygen to the cells and decreases the risk of hypertension.

Stress relief

  • One of the most powerful benefit of steam showers is their ability to reduce both physical and mental stress.

Metabolism and weight loss

  • It’s an ancient Ayurvedic technique which talks about “Swedan” which means reducing the fat by stimulating the lymphatic system by steam.

Aroma therapy

  • The steam in combination with various theoretic aromas helps in reducing allergies and also sets the mood.



  • PRESIDENT steam rooms are made from reinforced composite polymers. The shell of steam room is made from imported PMMA acrylic material with high gloss and it is backed up by FRP reinforcement to provide additional strength. The hardware used in the steam rooms
    is made of excellent quality aluminium alloy and brass rollers to ensure smooth roiling action. President steam rooms are provided with toughen glass and superior quality silicon gasket to
    provide stability and 100% water tight effect.

Easy Installation

  • The installation of the steam room is as easy as it can be, the metal frame carries the element sand is simply put together.


  • The steam room meets all the safety standards which are currently in effect.
    President do not compromise on the safety of the customer. The bottom tray is provided with anti skid feature.

Microprocessor based digital control

  • A new generation control panel interface is provided in the steam room. This helps to control many functions like mood lighting, radio, telephone etc. this control panel is absolutely water proof and user friendly.

About the steam story

  • PRESIDENT steam rooms are fitted with in-house designed steam generators whichare coupled with smart new generation control panels.